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Living With Grief

Abiding Word Lutheran Church

Abiding Word Lutheran Church is inviting the community that has grieved or is currently grieving the loss of an individual, job, or other. We all grieve at some point. Let scripture help build hope in Christ as He restores His kingdom.

Living With Grief

Living With Grief

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Grief classes 5:30 – 7:30 supper 5:30

November 15, 2023
November 29
December 6
December 13
December 20 – Longest night candle vigil


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Life will be rudely interrupted by death. There's no way around that truth; no one is immune from death.

Christians, though comforted by the promise of the resurrection, still are vulnerable to the emotional and physical effects that come with grief. Those dealing with grief often just need permission to grieve, yet retain hope and comfort for the future. Often, they just want someone to hear their voice.

Author Kristian Kincaid, a pastor for more than 30 years who has counseled countless grieving people and who has experienced the grief of losing his sister on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, understands and will listen. He takes readers on a journey that acknowledges that pain is real and is hard, and that struggle can last years, but also that grievers do not grieve alone and that there is hope: that Jesus lives and death has died.

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