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Camping Events

Are you ready for some rugged camping?

  • For saftey reasons, you must be part of the troop and login to your dashboard to view addresses of certain events.

Feb 16-18, 2024

What? Multi Troop campout - run your campout at common location with other troops

Where? Salter Research Farm, Calvert TX - 1100 acres and 4 miles of Brazos River!

Who? Your troop!

When? Feb 16-18, 2024

Service Project? Yes, bring trail clearance tools, buckets, wire cutters and safety gear (gloves, safety glasses etc)

Details & registration? - your troop's leadership can register HERE. This NOT for individual registration. Your troop will need to set up a TLC event in your troop's calendar - individuals will RSVP in the troop's calendar event.

Event Packet? HERE


Previous event? See photos HERE

Coordination? Each troop should provide a POC for coordination purposes - POC should download the Signal app

Overall Event Coordinator? Stephen Wylie-Young

MARCH 22, 2024

Mark your calendars! March 22, 2024, Troop TX-777 will be hosting a campout for the entire troop. We will be releasing more information soon!

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