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Are you ready to learn basics of firearms?

  • For saftey reasons, you must be part of the troop and login to your dashboard to view addresses of certain events.

If you are interested in working on the shooting sports elective trail badges, Charles Galler (our regional shooting sports leader) has set up classes. You will have to sign up for them ahead of time, and that can be done at the following LINK. Please open the document to learn more about the opportunity, details, dates.

The entire troop does not need to go, and it can be done individually, but read the instructions and contact Charles for details.

Please pay attention to the dates:

When is the training?

This year’s classes will be held as follows:

Spring - Class on 22 June, range on 23 June

S Houston - Class on 27 July, range on 28 July

Huntsville - Class on 17 August, range on 18 August

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