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Are you ready to see the world God created?

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July 6 - 13

Start Date: 07/06/2024 6:00 AM

End Date: 07/13/2024 6:00 PM

Type: Other

Outfitter: Voice of Wilderness

Fee: $500 youth

Fee: $500 Adult

Deposit: $250 du e January 1

When: July 6 - 13 (includes 1 day of travel on both sides)

Who: Adventurers & Adults - Male "Registered Adults" only.

Cost: $500 per person

Questions: Tim Short -

Deposit: $250 due by February 23 (non-refundable)

Final Payment: May 31 (non-refundable)

Spots Available: 24


This trip is designed to be a multi troop event. There will be 2 groups of 12 people each and 2 guides. Each group will require at least 2 registered adults.

Do you want to push the envelope a little further? Seeking a challenging backpacking experience? Then this is the one!

The main focus of this trip will be the Life Zones of the Rocky Mountains. Starting in the Wonders of the San Juan Mountains, you will leave bright and early the first morning. We will have a hearty breakfast, pack up, and head for the trail.

Over the next five days we will encounter the many wonders of the San Juan Mountains that can only be experienced with a backpack. As we hike the beautiful surrounds, you will improve map and compass skills, wilderness cooking, and other essential camp skills. we hike through vast evergreen forest and beautiful meadows decorated with a variety of wildflowers. The trail meanders along a stream that eventually leads to its headwaters, high above the timberline.

Your endurance to reach the timberline is rewarded by a day of exploration as we set up camp just below the Continental Divide Trail. The next day we will grab our day packs, hike to the Continental Divide, and have the option to hike to Knife's Edge for wonderful vistas, or hang out at Williams Lake swimming and enjoying the scenery and good conversation. At daybreak the next morning, we continue the journey as we set out for a breathtaking hike back to the trailhead, viewing one vast mountain range after another, to the east as well as to the west. HAVE YOUR CAMERA READY, you are in for a treat as well as a challenge!

Descending back into the forest, we make our way back down through gorgeous canyons, past serene lakes and cascading waterfalls, to the peaceful valleys and meadows below. Along the way, expect to see a variety of wildlife, including the possible moose sighting.

It is a complete wilderness challenge you will not want to miss! Download Packing List Here

Medical Form: Yes

Uniform Required: Yes

Non-Member Guess Allowed: No


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